Our goal is to provide you with smooth-running, vibration-free equipment.

We specialise in providing balancing services for high-speed machine components..

Balancing tool holders with SK and HSK, the most up-to-date interfaces for high-speed processing, and associated machine parts such as spindle shafts, belt pulleys, flanges and drive elements is part of our daily routine. We also balance other engineering components and their parts, such as fans, drive and idle rolls, rollers.

Our customers represent many different sectors - car manufacturers, textile machine producers, mechanical engineering companies, machine tool manufacturers and their suppliers.

With our modern multipurpose balancing machines, in both force and displacement sensor versions, we are certain to provide a solution to your balancing and vibration problems.

We have been in the balancing business for many years and have accumulated a great deal of experience in designing and manufacturing carrier equipment for balancing machines.

Our company is compact and well-organised, allowing us to offer our customers a speedy, low-cost and prompt balancing service.

Our company philosophy: we aim to please our customers with a high-quality, high-precision, just-in-time service.